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Blutech was invited to participate in the Taiwan-Japan Innovation Forum

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Startup Island TAIWANが台湾と日本の企業を集め、労働力不足を解決するための戦略と革新的な実践事例を共有

Blutech was recently invited to participate in the "Taiwan-Japan Innovation Community ESG Development Exchange and Opportunity Matchmaking Forum" jointly organized by "The Rising Times" and the National Development Council's new brand "Startup Island TAIWAN". This forum focuses on connecting Taiwan Exchange experiences with startup teams in Japan and Japan, and promote the development of the ESG innovation ecosystem and a more flexible international link cooperation model.

Through in-depth conversations between experts from various industries in Taiwan and Japan on the three major themes of digital transformation, environmental sustainability, and social transformation of smart infrastructure, we will explore how Taiwan and Japan's entrepreneurial teams can help industries implement ESG. As a company that provides customers with a shortcut to net zero and ESG, Blutech not only implements many ESG-based carbon reduction plans, but also has rich experience in sustainable transformation. Therefore, Blutech Sales Director Kuo Han We were also invited to conduct online exchanges on the topic of smart infrastructure, sharing how to use Blutech's unique solutions to implement more effective resource allocation from the perspective of digital infrastructure.

Blutech Sales Director Kuo Han mentioned: "The Financial Supervisory Commission requires Taiwan's public and private sectors to do energy management, but they encounter many difficulties in reality. First of all, at the factory end, traditional manufacturing industries only install high-voltage disks and main disks. Without the detailed structure of factory electric meter sub-panels, it is estimated that there are tens of millions of meters in Taiwan's industrial areas that are not connected. Without meter data, it is impossible to directly save energy and reduce carbon emissions, because detailed monitoring is required to know where the factory is. To optimize equipment due to abnormal power consumption, in many carbon emission forums, people will directly talk about saving energy, introducing green electricity, etc., but they all ignore that in many fields, it is actually very difficult to collect data.” Therefore, if we can build smart infrastructure Automation will further contribute to digital governance in the public and private sectors. For example, VACAN's AI vacancy information integration platform can improve space utilization efficiency and meet emergency rescue needs; Blutech uses wireless transmission technology to solve energy data collection, breaking through physical distribution Line field restrictions; Lengyan Technology uses 5G and satellite communication technology to create a smart city data transmission and communication foundation.

Blutech Sales Director Kuo Han shared his experience in the forum.

ESG can be implemented faster through various technical cooperation and field experience sharing. This time, the Taiwanese and Japanese teams communicate with each other and use their respective expertise and innovative thinking to truly create win-win benefits, and allow the public and private sectors in other Asian countries to learn from experience and establish an ESG transnational innovation ecosystem.

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