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Blutech Inc. was established in 2015 and has invested resources in the research and development of exclusive proprietary wireless technology NeVerLoSs® LoRa and Wireless Instrument and Electrical Transmission System (WSDMS) to assist customers in managing industrial instrument monitoring and power consumption analysis, providing Digital transformation of manufacturing industry provides innovative solutions.

Blutech has been successfully deployed in dozens of major factories and truly helps customers solve problems. Like a rotating gear, it drives digital transformation under the ESG commitment.


​Company Milestones


Announcement of NeVerLoSs® LoRa Technology

Standardize wireless instrument and electrical products



Published WSDMS wireless instrument and electrical data system and iEMS smart energy management system



The winning team of the Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group of the Green Technology Innovation Competition of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Small and Medium Enterprises Division



Invited to become a member of Taiwan Net Zero Academy

Solution manufacturer



Selected Wistron x AppWorks

The second accelerator has become a key ESG team to be cultivated


Get Intel MRS

Become an Intel IOTG member / Microsoft and Amazon partner member


Official massive deployment in the Far East


PoC with Far East Cooperation Enterprise Power Grid



 Blutech was established

Exclusively developed NeVerLoSs® LoRa technology

Continue to lead

stable transmission

Exclusive NeVerLoSs® LoRa technology

Paired with Wireless Instrument and Electrical Transmission System (WSDMS), it provides an innovative solution for the transformation of the Industrial Internet of Things


stable transmission

Greatly improve the transmission deficiencies of LPWAN,

The success rate of cross-factory and floor transmission exceeds 90%

The longest in the industry

Transmission distance

Visible range 10 kilometers

Suburban 3-5 km

Factory building 500 meters to 2 kilometers

Plug and play

No complicated settings required
Automatic networking after power outage and restoration, no reconfiguration required

​Interface integration

Complete integration of software and hardware to meet more than 80% of manufacturing transmission needs and provide enterprises with one-stop ESG services

NeVerLoSs LoRa

Why choose Blutech?


Cost advantage

Compared with traditional wiring transmission methods on the market, the cost is reduced by more than three times.


Efficient import

In addition to partial trial use,Compared with traditional cable pulling methods on the market The results are immediate.

Energy saving and carbon reduction

Compared with the incomplete and fragmented solutions in the market, the one-stop complete system optimizes power management and helps you achieve ESG sustainability and carbon inventory goals.


Industry 4.0 introduction

Actively collect various power data and use big data analysis to easily manage it.

Become the cornerstone of Net-Zero and ESG

       As a Social Impact benchmark company, Blutech provides customers with a shortcut to quickly move towards net zero and ESG through the research and development of LPWAN wide-area low-power network technology and products. We From basic category 2 power data monitoring and analysis, to the collection of oil, gas, water and other sensing data, through the exclusive NeVerLoSs® LoRa patented technology, we create a cross-industry industrial IoT service and help customers achieve Intelligent application of big data and A.I. analysis.
       Our service areas span petrochemical, textile, steel, food, electronics, communications, semiconductor and other industries. With in-depth cooperation with customers, in addition to impacting society in energy conservation and carbon reduction, Contribute outstanding benefits to the digital transformation of energy and the realization of data economy.

Smart meters, wireless meters, wireless monitoring, smart meter shortcomings, chiller monitoring, energy saving and carbon reduction


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