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WSDMS wireless instrument and electrical transmission system

Create your own industrial Internet of Things

​Service scope


electricity consumptionanalyze


​Energy Bureau Energy Verification Declaration

(Ice water machine, air compressor monitoring)



The Energy Bureau can Source efficiency index

(Ice water machine monitoring)


Factory various sensor monitoring

(​Example: tap water consumption)


Blutech provides the most professional one-stop service, adhering to every link so that customers have no worries.

Field test beforehand

Test wireless signals based on current factory conditions

and propose professional solutions

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​Exclusive equipment

All products are built-inBlutech Exclusively Develops NeVerLoSs® LoRa Technology.



Data, network, edge computing

Data Queen is an IIoT industrial Internet of Things gateway system patented by Blutech. It has powerful IoT network management capabilities and computing capabilities. It has multiple channels that can collect data from hundreds of devices at the same time.Blutech NeVerLoSs® LoRa Technology, can establish a highly stable IoT network and realize the wireless data collection required for real big data.

Meter_front view new label.png


Power information and equipment control

The Smart Meter Worker is a wireless smart meter developed by Blutech specifically for power data collection. It conforms to the standard three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire or single-phase two-wire wiring of industrial meters. It has the same volume as a general ammeter, but has built-in NeVerLoSs® LoRa Technology, and supports most secondary measurement 5A current comparators on the market, allowing customers to reduce overall replacement and wiring costs when adopting them.

DA_side view antenna left.png


Sensing data and device control

DataAnt is an adapter specially developed by Blutech for sensing data and control equipment. It also has built-in NeVerLoSs® LoRa Technology, and DataAnt is equipped with an exclusive instrument universal interface. In addition to power information, various instrument information, such as flow meters, hygrometers, overflow meters, pressure gauges, etc. can also be integrated and transmitted through DataAnt, allowing customers to be more flexible when using it. Accurately control all factory equipment.


iEMS smart meter system

Complete software data analysis

Blutech's self-developed complete software and ultimate one-stop service eliminates the need for customers to re-develop, can quickly use and visualize data, allowing customers to precisely control all factory data and quickly identify power consumption pain points.

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