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Blutech actively promotes "net-zero carbon emissions" solutions

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The global goal of net-zero carbon emissions in 2050 is less than ten years away from the mid-term milestone of 2030. Both the government and the private sector are actively organizing many lectures and exhibitions on energy conservation and carbon reduction; Blutech is a pioneer manufacturer in energy conservation and carbon reduction. , also participated in the "Net Zero Emission Forum" hosted by Kainan University and Longhua University of Science and Technology in Guishan Industrial Zone and Dayuan Industrial Zone in the second quarter of this year (2022).

Net-zero carbon emissions are not something that can be achieved overnight. The biggest headache for factories is not knowing where to start. Even if the factory wants to introduce expensive energy-saving equipment, due to the lack of big data from power meters, it is difficult to use the funds to maximize benefits.

Dr. Li Jingming, deputy director of the Taiwan Research Institute, also said at the forum that humans will change their electricity consumption behavior patterns because of data. This is the cheapest shortcut to save energy and reduce carbon, with an expected carbon reduction potential of 10% to 15%. .

In the future, Blutech will actively participate in major energy-saving and carbon-reduction occasions and contribute more to Taiwan and the world's net-zero carbon emissions.

The first step to save energy and reduce carbon emissions

If you have any needs for wireless meter or instrument data collection, please feel free to contact us.



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