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Blutech and Garage+ officially debuted at Computex 2023 to release a new digital carbon reduction

Blutech was selected into the Garage + Global Startups Program Top 15 and officially debuted at Computex today to demonstrate EnPI, iEMS, Smart Flow Resource Management and carbon inventory service applications based on WSDMS.

This time, a total of 35 new startup teams from around the world were selected by Garage+. Blutech was selected as Taiwan Top 15 in the Global Startup Program last month, and was invited again to participate in Garage+ MUST-SEE Startup Computex 2023 this month. Focus on carbon reduction solutions

Blutech showcases new digital carbon reduction solution

This Garage+ MUST-SEE Startup Computex 2023 focuses on five major fields, 5G & IOT, AI & Data, Smart Devices, Wellness and Others. Blutech is in the field of 5G & IOT this time

Blutech's official video of this solution

About Garage+

Since 1998, the Times Foundation has launched the Epoch School education program to cultivate the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of young talents; over the years, alumni have established more than 80 new start-up companies. In 2008, Times Foundation established the Garage+ Entrepreneurship Incubation Center to bridge resources and support new entrepreneurial teams. Since 2014, more than 519 start-up companies have joined Garage+, including 263 overseas teams; the industry fields are mainly artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, smart devices, biomedicine, and green energy technology.

About the Times Foundation

The Times Foundation was co-founded in 1991 by 20 leading Taiwanese companies. With the purpose of "assisting domestic industrial development and promoting regional economic prosperity", it acts as a "bridge to promote the knowledge economy" and has established long-term industrial liaison programs with internationally renowned universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Berkeley's School of Engineering to bridge top research. and enterprise-industry-university cooperation, and continue to invest in talent education, support the development of new innovations, and inject sustainable innovation and vitality into society.

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