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Blutech competed in the 2022 Green Technology Competition and successfully won the finals

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Blutech participated in the 2022 Green Technology Innovation Competition, which lasted for half a year. During the process, it had to implement verification plans and implement them with the project owners. From the preliminary round, semi-finals, and finals, after three results briefings, it finally One of the 124 teams stood out and became one of the 10 winning companies. The question maker, ASE, was also selected from 21 question makers. It means that the cooperation project between ASE and Blutech is forward-looking and the product itself has high market demand, so that it can stand out from many competitors.

Group photo of winners of green technology competition

Blutech won the ASE Semiconductor Group Award.

Chen Wenfeng, co-founder and marketing director of Blutech, said that the title of ASE is the intelligent control of regional power grids. This project would not be possible without superior wireless transmission technology, and Blutech's famous NeVerLoSs® LoRa patented technology is used in the PoC The results in the test were particularly good, which greatly increased the confidence of the owners, which was an important reason for winning the final.

Kuo Han, Director of Blutech Sales, pointed out: "The final scoring this time is no longer based solely on the technical aspects of the product, but more from an industrial perspective, including whether the product meets the current market demand, the stability of the solution, Maturity, global versatility and international expansion capabilities are all included in the scoring criteria, and whether the question maker will cooperate with large-scale deployment in the next stage is also one of the important selection points. We have received high scores in all aspects, so we can be in this We won the fierce competition.”

"The most important thing about future power supply is not not to use it, but to use technological means to better dispatch it to meet the needs and balance of people's livelihood and industry," said Lin Zaili, chairman of Blutech, "Our technology and solutions The solution provides a remote wireless barrier-free data collection, management and application solution for large electricity consumers and carbon emissions, and then implements energy management, carbon footprint, and carbon inventory projects to achieve the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction.”

Blutech Chairman Lin Zaili took a photo with the winning medal

Blutech would like to express special thanks to the Small and Medium Enterprises Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for providing a one million bonus to help cultivate new green technology companies, as well as ASE Group’s active actions in energy conservation and carbon reduction. We all do our part to improve the global greenhouse effect and jointly accelerate the realization of net The vision of zero carbon emissions.

List of winners of the 2022 Green Technology Innovation Award Competition. Linkou Innovation Park/Provided by Economic Daily.

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