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Blutech NeVerLoss Wireless was selected to the top30 of the 2022 Green Tech Innovation Competition

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Blutech,a leading company in the Industrial Internet of Things, participated in the 2022 Green Technology Innovation Award Competition organized by the Small and Medium Enterprises Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Linkou New Innovation Park and Yawan New Innovation Park this year. It successfully won the semi-finals and qualified for the finals. The 2022 Green Technology Innovation Award Competition is mainly to build and improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, connect global technology core clusters, and introduce global resources and innovation energy to further encourage domestic and foreign entrepreneurial investment. It is also to balance the development of the northern and southern regions, and the northern and southern Taiwan The two world-class entrepreneurial clusters, "Linkou Innovation Park" and "Yawan Innovation Park", focus on net-zero carbon emissions and green technology, and encourage green innovations to cooperate with enterprises.

The highlight of this competition is that in order to put the products and technologies of the new startup teams into practice, the organizers specially invited 17 major companies including TSMC, ASE, Taipower, AUO, Delta Electronics, etc. to discuss their carbon reduction and green practices. Questions are raised according to the needs of the people, and the new startup team proposes solutions and answers, and from the idea to the PoC and even the actual deployment after the finals, the product is actually implemented through the large-scale and small-scale approach, and meets the actual needs of the company that proposed the question.

The topic of Blutech's participation this time is "Smart Control of Regional Power Grids through the Application of IoT Technology" proposed by ASE Group. The reason for the topic is that ASE Group's old factory in Kaohsiung was established earlier and the factory environment is Problems such as the inability to wire and the inability to deploy Wi-Fi AP require a long-distance wireless transmission solution to transmit the power data in the old factory for management and analysis. The patented technologies NeverLoss LoRa and WSDMS developed by Blutech can just meet the requirements of ASE meet the needs of the project, and successfully gained the favor of the project unit and reviewers, confirming the feasibility of the solution and qualifying for the finals. ASE Group and Blutech will launch the PoC deployment plan and publish the results in the near future. They look forward to winning in the finals.

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