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Blutech participated in the "2022 Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival"

The "2022 Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival" was held grandly at the Taipei Yuanshan Flower Expo Zhengyan Hall and concluded successfully on November 19. The three-day exhibition, various dialogues, and lectures not only attracted a large number of people to visit, Many venture capital and new start-up companies also came to interact, stimulating many sparks of cooperation and two-way exchanges of innovative ideas.

This year, Blutech was invited to participate in the exhibition for the first time. By interacting with many participants in the new sustainable science and technology exhibition area - Blutech Co., Ltd. area, we promoted our company's WSDMS long-distance wireless instrumentation and electrical transmission system, which contains The exclusively developed NeVerLoSs® LoRa patented technology can achieve the longest transmission distance and highly stable transmission in the industry. In addition to instrument monitoring functions, it can also achieve the concept of energy saving, carbon reduction, and sustainable development. This advantage has promoted many manufacturers and people on the scene. Come to learn more detailed information, there are endless stalls, and it also makes the new development environment more friendly.

The Blutech Team is located in the New Science and Technology Sustainability Zone Exhibition Area of ​​the Theme Pavilion of the Small and Medium Enterprises Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The booth attracted many people, and the Blutech Team enthusiastically shared our WSDMS long-distance wireless instrumentation and electrical transmission system.

In order to solve the problem of ASE Semiconductor - smart control of the power grid, Blutech uses IoT to collect and optimize data, and combines it with our company's superior NeVerLoSs® LoRa wireless transmission technology to build a regional power grid (smart grid), using smart control This method achieves the purpose of energy saving, and thus won the 2022 Green Technology Competition-ASE Semiconductor Group Winning Award. Blutech was invited to give a pitch presentation at the "2022 Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival" to share the award-winning solutions and future international expansion plans. Not only did it receive an enthusiastic response at the scene, but it also contributed to the innovative environment and energy saving forever. Continue to contribute some creativity.

The winning team, Blutech, shared its innovation on site, attracting many audiences.

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