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Blutech selected to enter Wistron Accelerator #2, showing strength in the capital winter

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Blutech was selected to enter Wistron Accelerator #2 and officially debuted on Demo day on the 14th, showing its strength in the IIOT field and becoming one of the seven selected teams. Since its establishment in 2015, Bosch has focused on the integration of LPWAN wireless communication technology and OT equipment, and developed its own hardware and software platforms to assist customers in connecting OT and IT data and presentation analysis. After several product and business direction changes, Revised, Bosch Intelligent Technology has been riding the wave of net-zero carbon emissions and energy transformation, and has gradually opened up the market and gained adoption by more large customers across major energy-consuming industries such as petrochemicals, textiles, and steel.

"With the gradual realization of IOT, we use painless and exempted sales strategies to lower customers' entry barriers and let customers feel the convenience brought by data," said Kuo Han, Blutech Director of Sales. "Blutech's goal is to We need to use long-distance wireless transmission to solve the pain points of previous cable construction. Our WSDMS wireless instrument and electrical transmission system can cover 80% of sensor transmission needs; from the overall cost of ownership, deployment time, system launch timeliness, etc., we have greatly simplified With the deployment timetable of IIOT reduced, customers can now fully see the instrumentation and electrical data in the factory in just a few days. WSDMS itself is a low-carbon product, which minimizes manpower hours during deployment and also reduces the cost of many physical lines. Cost and materials, this is also the design concept of our products.”

Mr. Lin Zaili, Chairman of Blutech and former CEO of the Global Business Unit of Dalianda Group, said: "Data collection in traditional manufacturing factories is no longer a consideration of energy saving, ESG, and Industry 4.0. In response to the zero-carbon era of 2050, A global trend, it has become an economic issue and one that every company and factory cannot avoid. Carbon emissions, carbon footprints, planning actions and reviews for future carbon reduction, big data collection, analysis, and management applications are the only ways to start. At present, electricity consumption data and data from many sensors in traditional manufacturing industries are still collected manually, with little information and cannot be effectively analyzed, managed and certified. Our WSDMS system includes data collection hardware and data analysis and management software. , solving customers’ problems and anxieties in one step. This is our blue ocean market and our mission!”

Wistron and AppWorks have been cooperating since 2014. The two parties have a long-term strategic partnership and tacit understanding. In September 2021, they launched the "Wistron Vertical Accelerator" for the first time, with AppWorks providing operations and other core businesses. Wistron has recruited a total of 7 teams this year, from Taiwan, the United States, India, Hong Kong and other markets.

Lin Zhichen, chairman and partner of AppWorks, said: "In the cold winter of capital, all those without swimming trunks came ashore, leaving behind powerful entrepreneurs!" This once again injected confidence into the Blutech team.

This Demo day Bosch is showing the NeVerLoSs LoRa® remote smart meter system (WSDMS), which has been deployed at Wistron's Xizhi headquarters. The system has been operating in the Far East for many years, bringing considerable energy every year. Savings and reduction of carbon emissions.

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