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Blutech was selected as one of the top five IoT solution providers in Taiwan by APAC CIO Outlook

Top 5 IoT Solutitons Providers In Taiwan 2023

Blutech Co., Ltd. was selected by the American Silicon Valley journal APAC CIO Outlook as one of the top five IoT solution providers in Taiwan in 2023. This award once again verified the core recognition of the team, such as the co-founder and marketing director of Blutech Chen Wenfeng said: "Solving carbon emissions will not only be of substantial help to our customers, but also to the entire Taiwan and even the entire planet."

Faced with the increasingly urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, factories are increasingly realizing the importance of collecting accurate data on their carbon footprint and electricity usage, and they are working hard to find suitable solutions to effectively collect data because of the use of traditional wired electricity meters. and sensors have proven unreliable, time-consuming, and ineffective.

Blutech NeVerLoSs® LoRa wireless protocol is a revolutionary solution for industrial applications that allows customers to analyze energy consumption with superior efficiencies, such as prioritized data transmission based on timing requests and effective interference avoidance of the network, ensuring uninterrupted Data flow and reliable reception. This technology enables factories to revolutionize their data collection methods, resulting in greater efficiency, better return mechanisms, and informed decisions.

Blutech has launched a series of hardware devices, including IoT gateway "DataQueen", three-phase industrial electricity meter "MeterAnt" and IO data collector "DataAnt" with various interfaces. Together, these components form a powerful data infrastructure system that can meet approximately 80% of the factory's data transmission needs and plays a vital role for customers in enabling applications such as energy management, carbon footprint verification, and energy performance indicators. . Through the data collected by Blutech Blutech's i system, customers can gain in-depth understanding of their energy consumption, carbon emissions and performance, allowing them to make decisions and set improvement goals. Its energy management solutions adhere to ISO standards, in addition to providing intelligent flow and water Resource management system, energy performance management system that can easily export reports that comply with the government's Energy Bureau EnPI specifications, and even includes carbon emission verification services.

Blutech smart solution architecture uses "MeterAnt" to collect data from electric disks and wirelessly transmit it to the gateway through NeVerLoSs® LoRa, and then connect the data to its IoT servers and applications through links or 4G networks. Site, customers can install Blutech Blutech IoT management solution on their servers, which provides open APIs such as MQTT, allowing them to subscribe to their data and integrate it into their own systems. The open architecture increases flexibility and compatibility with customers' existing software and systems. The successful cooperation with Far East Advanced Fiber fully demonstrated the strength of Blutech intelligence. The Far East Advanced Fiber factory integrated approximately 500 Blutech three-phase industrial meters and deployed four gateways to ensure that the entire factory Achieving comprehensive data transmission coverage within the factory, this innovative solution has brought huge benefits to the factory, including saving more than NT$ million in electricity bills every year and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Blutech Smart solves the problem of high deployment costs in the Asian market by offering partial and small-scale batch installations, giving customers the flexibility to choose the size of installation they want. The wireless solution is highly scalable and can handle changes from a single power supply to There are various installation needs from disk loops or sensors to hundreds. Once the gateway is installed, customers can easily add terminal devices to establish an IoT network and instantly browse real-time factory data. Data security is also the top priority of Blutech , which cooperates with Cisco to develop comprehensive security and computing solutions, and cooperates with leading sensor companies such as ABB to ensure accurate data for customers. By using the exclusive patented wireless technology NeVerLoSs® LoRa and the innovative Wireless Instrument and Electrical Transmission System (WSDMS), Blutech Blutech is committed to providing customers with industrial instrument monitoring, energy consumption analysis and comprehensive industrial IoT solutions. Currently, Blutech Blutech has successfully deployed WSDMS in more than 30 major factories in Taiwan in many different industries, and continues to expand coverage.

Blutech is a pioneer in the field of energy management, providing cutting-edge software and hardware integration services and cost-effective solutions. Its distinctive core value lies in its active imagination of future energy applications and proactive integration of renewable energy and storage. Energy solutions, leveraging its expertise in energy data analysis, backup energy substitution and energy management capabilities, Blutech Blutech is ready to enter the Taiwan power trading market to help customers develop customized trading strategies that meet their individual needs and goals. Toward the concrete realization of effective power trading.

APAC CIO Outlook article link: Top 5 IoT Solutions Providers In Taiwan 2023

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