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Cisco and Blutech help the manufacturing industry build a safe and efficient industrial data network

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Blutech, a leading company in the industrial Internet of Things, and Cisco, a major international information and communication company, have joined hands to jointly launch Taiwan's first zero-trust architecture - a highly secure industrial network. This cooperation is due to Cisco adhering to the belief of implementing ESG and investing budget to establish the Taiwan Digital Transformation Acceleration Plan (TDA). Blutech was invited to become a member of the plan to further integrate products with Cisco, with the goal of creating a Absolutely secure industrial network architecture.

Kuo Han, Director of Sales at Blutech , said: "In the manufacturing field, the information security issue of connecting the data collected by OT and IT has become an obstacle to the manufacturing industry in carrying out ESG and carbon inventories. The industry lacks a reliable and complete solution. solution, especially when CBAM requires the submission of carbon inventory data reports every quarter, and when it is even more necessary to be able to check carbon emission data online in the future, automation and digital collection are necessary means. When OT data cannot be safely integrated into the customer's existing In IT environments, even basic carbon inventory may not be implemented and implemented, and the meaning of automated collection will be lost.” In view of this, the security of data access and storage has become an urgent problem that needs to be overcome.

Blutech is honored to participate in Cisco's TDA program. Through dual certification of Cisco equipment and information security protection, from front-end OT data collection to security certification entering the customer network, and the back-end hybrid cloud high-speed computing architecture, Create the industry's first zero-trust architecture industrial network. It meets the urgent needs of the manufacturing industry for automatic collection of carbon emission data, visual presentation, multi-factor authentication and back-end big data applications. It can also use the characteristics of Blutech and highly flexible deployment to establish a highly secure industrial network in stages. road, establishing a complete data infrastructure for carbon inventory and ESG, and becoming the only model in the industry that perfectly combines OT and IT.

This integration solution of Blutech and Cisco will be exhibited for the first time at the 2023 International Smart Energy Week, which will be held on October 18. In addition, this exhibition will also jointly display a new generation of "hybrid" with its joint exhibition partner TROPOX. "Energy Monitoring and Management System Solution" provides a more complete and flexible service. Customers can flexibly choose to monitor and deploy through wired-modular energy managers or wireless-smart meters according to their needs, and transmit the data to the ground or Cloud system platform.

Blutech Team and TROPOX Team at the 2023 Taiwan International Smart Energy Week-Taiwan International Net Zero Sustainability Exhibition Area

2023 Taiwan International Smart Energy Week

Event time: 2023/10/18-10/20

Event location: 1st floor, Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center (1st floor, No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City)

Booth code: J0230

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