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Electricity Price Hike Imminent: Implementation of Energy Management System Imperative

According to reports from various domestic media outlets, electricity prices are set to increase again this April! It is rumored that the average industrial electricity price will rise by 10% after the adjustment, with heavy users like semiconductor manufacturers possibly facing a 30% increase. In order to alleviate the long-standing financial distress of Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), the Ministry of Economic Affairs has decided to intervene once more by raising electricity prices, striving to achieve a breakeven point this year to prevent further accumulation of losses. Unlike previous electricity price hikes that mainly targeted large-scale consumers, this time even small households consuming less than 330 kilowatt-hours will be affected, with unavoidable industrial electricity consumption facing greater financial pressure.

In recent years, international fuel prices have remained high, posing a persistent risk of electricity price hikes for various industries. The urgency for effective energy management to reduce electricity costs in the manufacturing sector is growing day by day. In the establishment of energy management systems, Bosch Smart Solutions' exclusive patented NeVerLoSs® LoRa wireless metering transmission system enables rapid deployment of the system within a few days while saving wiring costs. It quickly activates the energy management system to start collecting electricity usage data, assisting users in promptly understanding the electricity consumption of production equipment and initiating measures to reduce energy consumption in response to the rapidly increasing electricity costs due to the price hike.

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