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Ministry of Environment: greenhouse gas reduction and other three indicators have not in standards

The 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) will kick off tomorrow (30th). Before the opening of COP28, the Ministry of Environment announced the Voluntary Sustainable Development Review Report (VDR) to review the results from 2020 to 2022. Among them, the carbon Footprint certification is insufficient because almost all of the verification manpower is performing carbon emission inspections. There are also high per capita hazardous industrial waste ratios and greenhouse gas reductions. A total of three indicators have not met the standards.

In response to the global carbon reduction trend, China has announced a net-zero emission target for 2050. From next year, it will impose a carbon fee on the first wave of levy targets and large emitters with emissions of 25,000 metric tons. In order to understand the amount of carbon emissions and carbon reductions, businesses need to calculate Carbon footprint refers to the total carbon emissions produced by products from raw material mining, manufacturing, assembly, transportation, disposal, recycling, etc., and carbon inventory calculates the total direct and indirect carbon emissions of a factory/enterprise.

However, the report pointed out that there is insufficient manpower for carbon footprint certification. Wu Peiyu, Director of Comprehensive Planning of the Ministry of Environment, explained that the main reason is that most of the verification manpower is used to assist in carbon inventory and other tasks. As a result, when businesses apply for carbon footprint certification, there is no manpower to assist with certification. The certification system will be replaced by an audit method to speed up manufacturers' applications.

The Ministry of Environment will levy a carbon fee starting next year, and 512 large emitters are expected to be included. The outside world is paying attention to the progress of the carbon fee. Shi Wenzhen, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, said yesterday (28th) that the key points of the carbon fee rate review meeting have been announced and will be announced in the near future. The selection will follow the procedures. It is hoped that the meeting will be held in early January next year. A committee will be formed as soon as possible to review the rates, and we hope to determine the rates in the first quarter of next year.

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